Clean Up Living Areas or Your room In 15 Minutes

  1. Grab your supplies.This is the most important step. Having all of your supplies together before you begin means no distractions in the middle of cleaning up. Everything is handy when you need it.
  2. Put all items that do not belong in the living room in a container. Do not try to pick up each item and place it where it belongs. Even if you don’t get distracted you will waste time running to all ends of the house multiple times.
  3. Tackle the couch.Brush off the cushions. Retrieve any missing items from the depths of the couch. Brush off the dirt from the interior of the couch onto the floor. Replace and fluff the pillows.
  4. Dust down the coffee table and arrange its contents properly. The goal here is to quickly brush off the table and neatly stack its contents. We’re not shining the furniture meticulously, or alphabetizing coffee table books.
  5. Neatly arrange the magazines and books.Don’t try to weed out magazines and books that you’ve been thinking about storing or tossing. Just arrange them neatly and move on.
  6. Vacuum or sweep up the floor.Don’t move furniture to do so. Don’t try to vacuum the pillows and couch. Leave these more in depth items for when you have more time. Do, however, remember to get the dirt we brushed out of the interior of the couch.
  7. Put away your dust rag and vacuum or broom.Take a few moments to enjoy, and take some time for yourself.

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