Trip to buying vacuum cleaner the best

This is the best way to  buy vacuum cleaner

Buying a vacuum cleaner buddy

Buying a vacuum cleaner good tattoo machine is not difficult. Do not just consider these data so that you can buy a vacuum cleaner for home use and cost-effectively as possible.

Consider practical use.

Good vacuum cleaner should be easy. A long pipe adjustable. With different nozzles. Suitable for each surface. Including the extra long cord so you can clean a large area in a big wheel. Can be moved easily. Current innovative new vacuum cleaner. Can automatically clean themselves. This is another step in the world of the future, quite comfortable.

Consider the power vacuum.

The high power vacuum will allow you to suck dirt from both visible and invisible. Is clean, normal vacuum cleaner often used to shoot at 700 W to 1600 W is considered to be a strong suction force more. Furthermore, some models allow you to select the desired power vacuum as well.

Filtration system.

Vacuums that do not look good from a power vacuum alone. But to see the filters with vacuum cleaner good Must have a filter that can filter out dirt small as 0.06 micron (1 micron = 0.001 mm me a line thickness of 100 micron) air filter and should be up to 4 steps starting from when they pass through a vacuum. Dust bag. Then the dust will be passed to the filter. And the engine through the final filter. The final filter is very important. The filter must be optimized. Can filter out dust particles, viruses and bacteria. Before you leave, clean the air outside.

And for families with problems. About allergy or asthma. Should choose a vacuum cleaner with a filter at the same level used in air purifiers as HEPA filters, which filters the air as high performance. Can filter out dust particles size 0.15 microns up to 99.97%, or particulate dust 0.06 microns compared with air through the vacuum in the volume of 1 liter of dust particles smaller left more than 100 particles in the air in the house clean. pure Suk good health to everyone in the family You can also remove cleaning. Allows you to save more.

Vacuum cleaner bag.

General dust bag are two types of paper bags and cloth bags.

When you use a paper bag to fully remove them. Able to restore them again. The advantages of a paper bag so air can flow through better air filtration. And can store large amounts of dust. The paper bags should be a second membrane layer or coating to inhibit bacterial growth.

Removable laundry bag and then put back to use again. But the dust is less effective than if you wash it often makes the fabric filter dust can be far less Precautions for fabric bags that will be a fabric filter. Not use regular cloth garment. This filter is effective in low Properties straining is thicker than an ordinary tekstildug is about 4 times and 2 of the difference. Outer shell is like denim. The substance corresponding to the frieze. Or wool.

The operation of the engine.

Engine cleaner good Will help to ensure the flow of air as well. The air flowing through the unit is filtered through the system. Meanwhile, the air was not dusty. Will not be able to pass out outside the plane. Good vacuum cleaner models. Use the engine filter with anti-bacterial coating. This increases the efficiency of dust to 2 times Even if the location of the engine is designed to be placed on a rubber platform. And packing foam lining inside the sound. Will help to reduce noise while working well with.

Consideration of a vacuum cleaner for the body and health.

Dust a work that often creates pain and fatigue for the user. Therefore, consider designing a vacuum cleaner that fits your body and health for the user how Vacuums to consider the user’s health. Must have a vacuum tube-shaped bend called System Back Saver is a vacuum tube-shape S, which can clean the difficult areas more easily and conveniently as the area under the table, cabinetmaking, thus alleviating the pain and fatigue can. Should also consider noise at the workplace should not exceed 76 decibels and lower weight. And handle it properly designed and planned to spend just a

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